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Breed Requirements

Border Terrier


Eye Examination by a boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist annually until at least Age 8ys (96mo)

  • Results registered with OFA - OR
  • Registered with CERF

Patellar Luxation

  • OFA Evaluation

Hip Dysplasia

  • OFA Evaluation - OR
  • OVC Evaluation - OR
  • PennHIP Evaluation (min age 12 months)
  • British Vet. Assoc. Hip evaluation - OR

Cardiac Evaluation

  • Congenital Cardiac Exam with exam performed by a Cardiologist - OR
  • Congenital Cardiac Exam with exam performed by a Specialist - OR
  • Advanced Cardiac Exam

Pediatric Cardiac Pilot Study (Optional)

  • Advanced Cardiac Exam

    Since 1971 the BTCA has recommended that every puppy in every litter have a pediatric cardiac exam performed by your veterinarian before the pups go to their new homes. These should be done sometime between 6 and 9 weeks of age.

    We are encouraging OFA pediatric cardiac exams on every puppy in all litters. The examination should be done between the ages of 6 to 9 weeks. Your regular veterinarian may perform it, but the examination must be done following the OFA guidelines for cardiac examinations. OFA and the BTCA (in consultation with Veterinarians and Cardiologists) have designed a form to use for the submission of evaluations of your litters. They require that each litter be registered, and each puppy has a unique permanent identification -either microchip, or Canadian Kennel Club tattoo. For AKC litters, the final registration number of each puppy should be assigned to its microchip. All puppies in the litter should be examined. Puppies with murmurs of Grade 3 or above, or any puppy with a murmur that persists beyond 15 weeks should be referred to a cardiologist or internist. Congenital heart defects occur in Border Terriers. The incidence is very low. We know that Ventricular Septal Defects may close. We believe these are the most common congenital defect in Borders, but the pediatric cardiac exams will help us understand the incidence of all congenital heart defects in Borders, and also help elucidate the mode of inheritance.

    THIS IS A PILOT PROGRAM. There will be NO CHARGE to submit the form to OFA or to submit any follow-up pediatric cardiac exam on any puppy identified with a murmur during the pilot program. We will be examining the data obtained from this program. We anticipate that after two years we may require that there be a pediatric exam on file in order for an adult cardiac exam to qualify for CHIC for dogs whelped in the USA or Canada.

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*Note – In addition to the breed specific requirements above, a CHIC requirement across all participating breeds is that the dog must be permanently identified via microchip or tattoo in order to qualify for a CHIC number.

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