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Breed Requirements

Australian Cattle Dog


*Note - each of the three DNA tests referenced below (prcd-PRA, rcd4 PRA, and Primary Lens Luxation) ONLY tests for the specific mutation associated with that disease or form of the disease and does not confer any information or genetic status associated with any other disease or form of the disease.

Hip Dysplasia

  • OFA Evaluation (min age 2 years) - OR
  • OVC Evaluation (min age 2 years) - OR
  • PennHIP Evaluation (min age 1 year)

Elbow Dysplasia (evaluation at two years or older)

  • OFA Evaluation - OR
  • OVC Evaluation

Eye Examination by a boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist - Min Age 24 months

  • Results registered with OFA - OR
  • Registered with CERF

prcd-Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) DNA Test - from an approved laboratory

  • Optigen prcd-PRA DNA test results registered with the OFA. First Generation Offspring of tested dogs eligible for Clear By Parentage (A to A breedings). Obligate Carriers (A to C breedings) are also eligible. In addition, for Clear By Parentage, or Obligate Carriers, the sire, dam, and offspring must all be DNA profiled to verify parentage.

Congenital Deafness

  • OFA evaluation based on BAER test

Primary Lens Luxation

  • PRIMARY LENS LUXATION DNA test from an approved laboratory (added as a requirement effective 10/6/14)

Patellar Luxation (Optional)

  • OFA evaluation, minimum age 1 year

Cardiac Evaluation (Optional)

  • Congenital Cardiac Exam - OR
  • Advanced Cardiac Exam

Progressive Retinal Atrophy RCD4 (Optional)

  • RCD4 PROGRESSIVE RETINAL ATROPHY DNA from an approved laboratory

PennHip (Optional)

  • PennHIP at 6 months optional for measuring laxity that is correlated with future dysplasia, however, evaluation at this age will not meet the CHIC hip evaluation requirement.

Radiographic consultation for OCD of the Hocks. (Optional)

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*Note – In addition to the breed specific requirements above, a CHIC requirement across all participating breeds is that the dog must be permanently identified via microchip or tattoo in order to qualify for a CHIC number.

All OFA Applications are available at Applications may be filled out online.