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Benefits for You and Your Breed

Breeding information

Information for breeders-permanent identification and central data storage provides breeders with a reliable source of information about dogs they may be planning on using in their breeding program

Buyers information

Information for new owners-breeders can provide copies of CHIC records for new puppy owners and other breeders or refer them to the CHIC database for accurate information about the results of their health testing

Research information

Parent clubs-Can access CHIC data on their breed to help determine health research priorities and evaluate the participation and effectiveness of testing programs and incentives they have established

Breed research

Scientists need accurate information on multiple generations of dogs in order to conduct research that can benefit breeds and eliminate genetic diseases. The CHIC database can serve as a resource for these scientists

All breed research

As the CHIC database becomes more complete, researchers will be able to utilize the information for epidemiological studies that will enhance our knowledge of health issues affecting all breeds of dog

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